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Science Can Prove That J.Cole Is Technically A Better  

THESIS: J. Cole is scientifically a much better rapper then Kendrick 

*Einstein said any fool can make something more complex but it takes a touch of genius to make something complex more simple 

While Kendrick n Coles musical content/concepts are equally dope I “personally feel” because of Kendrick’s talent (downfall in this argument) for his kinda off-but-on beat, constant flow switching to me jus makes it more difficult to fallow, grasp, or jus hard to listen to u know I jus can’t nod my head to it. Cole can n does say the same shit in less bars and keeps ur head nodden the whole time. I also like coles approach to his more conscious, droppen knowledge joints the way he words shit def gets the info out without teaching it. Like it don’t sound like he’s tellin u to do this or think this.

HOW LIL WAYNE CHANGED THE GAME [ A THISIS BY DAVID KRAUSS] A Game Changer "A change to the game in-which the game can never be played the same"  

Now before yall start talken shit, realize that this is an unbiased opinion.  In no way is this an argument, a testiment to skill rank or what ever you heads are already putting together for your rebuttle towards this post, lol i'm a head just like yall i'd be doin the same shit. 

- Game Changer: "A change to the game, in which the game can never be played the same again.

Thesis Statement:  Since waynes mixtape run most popular for his rediculously creative wordplay ontondras and one-liners wheather on a conscience, or subconscience level it is now a must to have atleast one line, punchline, ontondra ext in a verse or its considered wak.  I.E. Lil wayne changed the game.

So with that said lets just dive right into this.  As i said above according to the definition of a "game-changer" and the basic subcounscience of any Hip-hop artist, head, ext...Lil wayne changed the game during his string of back 2 back mixtape run.  Fact, with the exception of a few artists metaphores and especially ontondra's where almost non existent before wayne.  Even if you argue that fact, they still were not as important or as nessisary as they are today, I.E. after the mixtape run.  Now we all have heard the locker room talk about how wayne stole gilly's flow which is again definitely debatable but for the sake of this argument irrelevent.  Personally i think ya wayne took his flow, i mean he was braught in to help wayne with his flow but listen to gilly then, and listen to em now compared to waynes then and now, he took that shit and made it better.  Again just personal opinion that means nothing to the sake of this thesis.

In Short, especially with how critical and comparative the average hip-hop fan of today is, wheather you agree or not if a verse doesn't have atleast one creative punchline, metaphore, or ontondra it will be considered a wak verse by 90% of those same fans

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