Quoted as being "a publicists wet dream," Portland Oregon Hip-hop artist, and ASCAP songwriter "Sourmouth" is as uniquely versatile as his up-bringing. "Picture Hopsin meeting an early Eminem. definitely something to check out". ( Look no further then his most recent video "Lost My Mind," with over 25,000 views since its late February release to find the 27 year old yelling in-sync with an almost Oprah like cadence about his addiction to his A.D.H.D medication Adderall. Before being adopted by an all white jewish family, which is a recurring topic throughout his 2 album discography, David Krauss was originally born Emmanuel Harrison in Dallas, Texas. With his in your face aggression, and his irrational use of profanity that can be heard in many of his song's including the infamous "Basic Bitches" wich is a blatently sexist, yet to creative and catchy to ignore, he definitely lives up to the Sourmouth name. From his painfully, sometimes self-deprecating story telling ability resembling a young Eminem, to his comically outrageous, and surprisingly witty punchlines and one-liners that would give Lil Wayne a run for his money, Sourmouth is truly the full package, drawing in 100s of fans daily out of sheer curiosity.

With his latest release of his 2nd full length album titled, "A Million Little Pieces" still generating a huge buzzdue to 5-star reviews on a variety of Hip-hops most prestigous press-outlets including, and, his most recent interview with details his transformation from an amateur MC to the seasoned veteran artist he is today. "I could always rap, like everyone and their mom these days, but i wasn't a rapper per say, or a true rap artist yet. Don't get me wrong, i had bars but was subconsciously trying to imitate big name rappers like Wayne and Mac Dre. I was formulating music from whatever was hot at the time. If anyone has hit rock bottom in their life they know there are only two outcomes. It either forces you to be 100% honest with yourself or die." If you have listened to any of his music, it is no secret that before he was Sourmouth he was simply David Krauss, a 21 year old insecure, borderline schizophrenic young adult with a very serious drug problem. As stated above it took a near-death all time low for him to ultimately rise and become the artist he is today.

"I can only describe it as the best learning experience of my life and music career. I really came into my own as an artist at that point. I mean by the end of the project i had songwriting down to a science." This quote referring to his first album, "The Mr. Federal LP" where you can find a plethora of his painfully honest rhymes delivered in one of the many voices and unique cadences he has perfected and is known for. Said to be one of his best attributes on songs like "syron sound" and "Bye Mr. Nice Guy," he displays such a wide range of vocals you would think it was two completely different artists.

Ranked as the #1 Hip-hop artist in the nation on the popular website Reverbnation for over a year now, with over 20 glowing reviews of his latest album and single "I Hate It" (currently pushing 25k views on Youtube) on top hip-hop sites such as, and a recent joint collaboration with local legend and fellow MC MIc Crenshaw to host rap battles and discussion through Portland's own KBOO radio station, Sourmouth is really starting to gain traction and is becoming a definite voice to be reckoned with on both a national and global scale. With collaborations ranging from such artists as Strange Music's Krizz Kalico, to Sleep Dank from the Thizz Nation, Sourmouth is slowly but steadily increasing his Discography's credibility.

Fast-forward to the present and the release of "A Million Little Pieces", Sourmouth is seeing success on a whole new level. The Visual's for his self-directed music video "In The Rose City" his 2nd single from the album currently pushing 24k views along with his hilariously derogatory video for his 3rd titled "Basic Bitch" still taking the internet by storm with 20k views in its first week alone there is no telling how far the once fairly unknown rapper from Portland Oregon will go.


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